Traditional Stroller Or Jogging Stroller – My Review

Traditional Stroller Or Jogging Stroller?best jogging strollers of 2018

Do you love running? Are you apart of a group where you meet up with your children and strollers in hand and gossip about life?

I assume that since you made it this far, I think you’re looking to be convinced on whether you need a jogging stroller, or if a traditional $15 stroller will last for many years of wear and tear.

Even after having kids, there’s no reason why you should give up your love for running.

Once you become a parent, one of the most important factors in your child’s survival is YOUR survival. You must take care of yourself and workout to keep up the physical condition being a new parent demands.

And ONE SIMPLE TRICK that can help you along the way is to get a jogging stroller.

Is a jogging stroller really necessary?

If you are the parent who loves shopping, then a traditional stroller will be fine.  They’re VERY compact and VERY lightweight and great for crowded areas because you won’t be hogging up space. But, if you love the outdoors, running across gravel, sand, dirt roads…then a jogging stroller has your name on it!!

Jogging strollers are made with off-road in mind.  They’re built specifically to absorb bouncing over terrain to provide a comfortable ride for your child while not holding you back from your pace.

Unlike traditional strollers, joggers have three big wheels that help glide over surfaces such as the Thule Urban Glide.  They provide less pushing and a suspension system that decreases the impact on your child so they can thoroughly enjoy the breeze.

baby trend strollerWhen should I buy a jogging stroller?

The wonderful day in age we live in allows jogging strollers to be used with car seats.  Of course, at this time, prior to 8 months or so, the stroller can be used for every day activities.  BUT NO JOGGING! Your baby might not have developed the strength to keep their head and neck stable while going over rough terrain.  Then when you see fit, you can remove the car seat, and use it for months on end!

What should you look for in a jogging stroller?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, jogging strollers are meant to absorb impact while maintaining ease while moving. Some strollers have been made with avid runners in mind while others are for your normal jog around the neighborhood.

Make sure any jogger you look at has these features:

  1. Locking Front Wheel: This gives you the option to lock the wheel while running to maintain a straight path and to unlock the wheel to easily maneuver in a crowd of people.
  2. Safety Tether: Simply a leash that wraps around your wrist and attaches to the stroller to prevent a runaway.
  3. Brakes: Just like a manual shift car, a parking break is necessary.  Most strollers have foot breaks and some have hand breaks to help slow down.
  4. Five-Point Harness: Similar to a car seat, the stroller should have the same system to provide maximum safety for your child.
  5. Canopy: You may want to find a stroller with an extra large canopy.  Doing so will provide extra protection from the sun.  An additional feature you can look for is a peek-a-boo screen.  This will give you extra sight of your child while you’re running.
  6. running buggy 3 wheel strollerReclining Seat: Have you ever tried napping sitting up? Most of the time it’s uncomfortable.  Now do you think your child will enjoy that? Maybe.  But make sure you find a jogging stroller with an adjustable seat. That way you can recline it for them so they can nap!

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